The TOP silage brand is intended for hybrids with the highest quality of silage matter that is known for its high digestibility of fibre in the form of neutral detergent fibre (NDF). The variability of NDF maize digestibility amounts to 30–70 % , meaning it complies with a systematic positive selection of hybrids with high NDF digestibility. Cattle fed with maize silage with higher NDF digestibility will increase intake of dry matter, which leads to better cattle performance.

Entire monitoring was carried out on live animals and results were evaluated by an independent laboratory.

TOP silage hybrids comply with these indicators:

  • Monitoring silage matter quality minimum for 3 years,
  • Hybrids showed the best results of NDF digestibility, excellent yield and nutritious indicators during monitoring.

Advantages you can get by growing TOP silage hybrids:

  • Increased intake of dry matter (with better NDF digestibility by 1%, dry matter intake will increase by 0.18kg),
  • Increased milk production (with better NDF digestibility by 1%, a higher intake of dry matter will increase milk production by 26 kg FCM),
  • Better milk quality,
  • Better health of cattle,
  • Lower cost of milk production.