Type of hybrid: Single cross – Sc
FAO group: 260
Type of grain: intermediate
Maintainer: CEZEA – šlechtitelská stanice, a. s., Čejč


  • mid-early hybrid suitable for silage production in all growing areas,
  • high and healthy plants with good share of corn cobs,
  • very good early development,
  • excellent production of total green matter (in registration trials achieved 56,6 t/ha, which means 107 % on the control’s average),
  • high use value – high total green matter yield, high content of starch, high to very high digestibility ELOS and high digestibility IVDOM (in registration trials achieved ELOS 102 % and IVDOM 101 % on the control’s average),
  • high yield of energy from hectare (in registration trials achieved NEL 102 % on the control’s average) – possibility for biogas production.
  • Optimal plant population (plants/ha)
  • silage 80–85 000